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10 X 10 Sudoku - Frank Longo (2006)
ISBN 9781402740190
Publisher Sterling
Publication Date 8/28/2006
Format Paperback (173 x 127 mm)
Plot / Summary
The sudoku craze keeps growing, with no end in sight—and as its popularity builds, fans keep an eagle eye out for fresh formats featuring their favorite puzzles. Here’s one sure to draw them in: sudokus that add a little spice to the mix by changing the standard 9 x 9 puzzles to 10 x 10. That means solvers get 100 squares to fill in instead of just 81! And the numbers go from zero to nine, rather than one to nine. Plus, the smaller sections within each grid are no longer 3 x 3: half the puzzles feature rectangular 5 x 2 boxes and the rest come in various random shapes, with heavy lines marking out the separate areas. It may seem daunting at first—but it’s fun!
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 50470
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Cover Price $7.95
Nr of Pages 272
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