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Fake, Vol. 7 - Sanami Matoh (2004)
ISBN 9781591823322
Publisher TokyoPop
Publication Date 5/4/2004
Format Paperback (188 x 124 mm)
Plot / Summary
Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action-- and each other! In this, the final volume of the series, events heat up on the streets...and between the sheets! The two cops are assigned to serve as bodyguards for a mob-boss's daughter...who is married to the man that killed Ryo's parents! As tensions mount, will Ryo and Dee finally admit their love and devotion to each other? Or will they forever sing the NYPD blues?
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 50908
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Cover Price $9.99
Nr of Pages 168
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