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Face Of Death, The - Cody Mcfadyen (2007)
ISBN 9781423338819
Publisher Brilliance Audio on MP3-CD
Publication Date 5/29/2007
Format Audio CD (191 x 135 mm)
Plot / Summary
?I want to talk to Smoky Barrett or I?ll kill myself.?

The girl is sixteen, at the scene of a grisly triple homicide, and has a gun to her head. She claims ?The Stranger? killed her adoptive family, that he?s been following her all her life, killing everyone she ever loved, and that no one believes her.

No one has. Until now.

Special Agent Smoky Barrett is head of the violent crimes unit in Los Angeles, the part of the FBI reserved for tracking down the worst of the worst. Her team has been handpicked from among the nation?s elite law enforcement specialists and they are as obsessed and relentless as the psychos they hunt; they?ll have to be to deal with this case.

For another vicious double homicide reveals a killer embarked on a dark crusade of trauma and death: an ?artist? who?s molding sixteen-year-old Sarah into the perfect victim ? and the ultimate weapon. But Smoky Barrett has another, more personal reason for catching The Stranger ? an adopted daughter and a new life that are worth protecting at any cost.

This time Smoky is going to have to put it all on the line. Because The Stranger is all too real, all too close, and all too relentless. And when he finally shows his face, if she?s not ready to confront her worst fear, Smoky won?t have time to do anything but die.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 51491
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Cover Price $24.95
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