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Falling...In Love With San Miguel: Retiring To Mexico On Social Security - Carol Schmidt, Norma Hair (2006)
ISBN 9780978728625
Publisher Salsa Verde Press
Publication Date 9/5/2006
Format Paperback (226 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
Thinking about retiring to Mexico? San Miguel de Allende, for 50 years an art colony drawing many U.S., Canadian and British citizens seeking an exciting and affordable change of pace for their retirement, is located 165 miles northwest of Mexico City on the central plateau.

This book is the story of two women who made the leap to a whole new way of life, retiring on Social Security even to a town considered one of the most expensive, and desirable, in Mexico.

They share their joys, their mistakes, their problems, their new outlook on life in this very personal love story to San Miguel. They describe in vivid detail the almost-daily fiestas, their humorous errors in learning Spanish, and their new outlook on world history from learning Mexicans' point of view. They even tell what they pay for almost everything, from hospital visits to ice cream cones.

And they're living a far better life than anywhere in the U.S. on Social Security, even in a town where people keep saying it can't be done. They're doing it, and they tell you how.

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2Frog Index 52730
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Cover Price $23.95
Nr of Pages 300
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