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Falls In Older People: Prevention & Management - Rein Tideiksaar (2002)
ISBN 9781878812858
Publisher Health Professions Press
Publication Date 8/15/2002
Format Paperback (214 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
Falling is one of the most predictable and complex problems facing staff and older adults in institutional settings. To solve it, you need a different perspective, different expertise - and Falls in Older People thoroughly fills that need! This quick reference is jam-packed with practical strategies and assessment and management tools. Highly accessible, this practical manual -Explores the intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in falls -Analyzes the consequences of falls with respect to older adults, their families, and the facility -Provides a clinical assessment of fall risk and actual falls, plus intervention strategies for both -Facilitates the adoption and implementation of an interdisciplinary approach - the most successful way to prevent falls. All of the medical, rehabilitative, and environmental strategies in prevention and management are here, along with -A foolproof, reliable, differential diagnosis assessment tool - performance-oriented environmental mobility screen (POEMS) - that takes less than 10 minutes to do! -Tie-ins to the MDS -Recommendations for restraint reduction or elimination -Numerous forms that can be easily adapted for in-service handouts or overheads -Four new assessment guidelines - Bed Safety, Siderail Use, Fall Risk, and Restraint/Nonrestraint Use -Two new calculation tools for measuring fall rates and restraint use rates -Six new case studies, with individual question-and-answer section -A new eyes/ears program, an "early-warning" system for fall risk -The best practices in staff-, older adult-, and environment-related fall prevention interventions in acute care hospitals and nursing facilities -A comprehensive bibliography covering falls-related topics germane to hospitals, nursing facilities, restraints, and siderails Frontline and direct care staff responsible for care planning, place your oder today for the book that the Journal of Gerontological Nursing has called "the most useful
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Cover Price $28.95
Nr of Pages 240
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