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Faces Of Osteoporosis: And The Stories Behind Them - Amelia Davis (2006)
ISBN 9781932603620
Publisher Demos Medical Publishing
Publication Date 3/8/2006
Format Paperback (277 x 213 mm)
Plot / Summary
In this illuminating book, renowned photographer Amelia Davis turns her lens on those afflicted with osteoporotic disease, smashing the stereotype of osteoporosis as a disease of older women. Through beautiful images and candid personal histories, the book communicates the message that the condition affects both women and men across the life span, is preventable and treatable, and should not be considered part of the normal aging process. In the United States alone there are almost 35 million people living with the disease, and that number continues to grow.

Here are the inspirational stories of men, women, and even children living with osteoporosis, stories that highlight each individual’s struggle to preserve function and prevent further bone loss. Treatments, therapies, and diets are discussed and shared, from the latest advances in prescription medication to the healing power of exercise. Positive and upbeat, Faces of Osteoporosis offers a much-needed touchstone for anyone coping with the disease.
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Cover Price $19.95
Nr of Pages 96
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