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Fabricating Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort The Gospels - Craig A. Evans (2006)
ISBN 9780830833184
Publisher IVP Books
Publication Date 12/6/2006
Format Hardcover (214 x 148 mm)
Plot / Summary

Modern historical study of the Gospels seems to give us a new portrait of Jesus every spring, just in time for Easter. The more idiosyncratic the portrait, the more it departs from the traditional view of Jesus, the more attention it gets in the popular media. Why are scholars so prone to fabricate Jesus? Why is the public so eager to accept their claims without question? What methods and assumptions predispose scholars to distort the record? Is there a more sober approach to finding the real Jesus?

Renowned evangelical New Testament expert Craig A. Evans takes an evenhanded, informed approach to these fascinating and timely questions.

  • Professors and students
  • Pastors
  • Thoughtful laypeople

Features and Benefits
  • Written by Craig A. Evans, widely known for his contributions to the study of the historical Jesus.
  • Craig A. Evans is frequently consulted for television shows regarding the historical Jesus (Dateline, National Geographic special on the Gospel of Judas).
  • Suggests right use and wrong use of critical methods, including text criticism, cultural studies and Gnostic Gospels.
  • Offers a sober perspective on recent controversial books such as Misquoting Jesus, The Jesus Papers, The Jesus Dynasty and the Gospel of Judas.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 68623
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Cover Price $21.00
Nr of Pages 290
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