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1,000 Bags, Tags, & Labels: Distinctive Designs For Every Industry - Kiki Eldridge (2006)
ISBN 9781592531837
Publisher Rockport Publishers
Publication Date 1/1/2006
Format Paperback (234 x 231 mm)
Plot / Summary
When attempting to create a bag, tag, or label design that is strong in every respect, you are contending with some of the world's best designers. To compete in this league, you have to know your competition.

Finally, here is a book in which you can find 1,000 examples of brilliant bags, tags, and labels. Fresh ideas from a variety of industries are offered in a format that is as easy to read as any catalog. This book gives you the information you need to know in a quick-hit format, allowing the visuals to speak for themselves. Jam-packed with exciting samples from around the world, this consummate style resource provides you with an abundance of inspired ideas that will help your clients get noticed-and remembered.

Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 8802
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Cover Price $40.00
Nr of Pages 320
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