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The Family Manager Takes Charge: Getting On The Fast Track To A Happy, Organized Home - Kathy Peel (2003)
ISBN 9780399529139
Publisher Perigee Trade
Publication Date 9/2/2003
Format Paperback (234 x 188 mm)
Plot / Summary
Being a mom means more than being a wife and parent-it also means being the household accountant, building manager, cook, gardener, housekeeper, and personal shopper-just to name a few of the roles that come with the territory! As America's "Family Manager," bestselling author Kathy Peel has shown millions of moms that running a household is like operating a business. Like any good C.E.O., every mother must know her goals, determine her strategies, and manage her human resources.


Every smart manager knows that success depends on teamwork. Kathy shows readers how to get kids and spouses to help around the house-with lots of practical advice and encouragement to get them motivated and keep them going.

Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity

With hundreds of time-saving, money-saving, and stress-reducing ideas, this indispensable handbook also shows readers how to take charge of running the home-without running themselves into the ground.
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2Frog Index 19112
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Cover Price $18.95
Nr of Pages 384
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