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Families, Professionals And Exceptionality: Positive Outcomes Through Partnership And Trust (5th Edition) - Ann Turnbull, Rud Turnbull, Elizabeth J. Erwin, Leslie C. Soodak (2005)
ISBN 9780131197954
Publisher Prentice Hall
Publication Date 4/1/2005
Format Paperback (251 x 201 mm)
Plot / Summary

Written by the best-known authors in the field of family and professional collaboration, this practical text instructs teachers and families how to empower, collaborate, and advocate for children with special needs. Families, Professionals, and Exceptionality, fifth edition, continues its tradition of discussing how members of families and professionals in special and general education and related services personnel can form lasting partnerships. The new edition has been reorganized for a better flow and to reduce redundancies.

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2Frog Index 20097
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Cover Price $72.00
Nr of Pages 384
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