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The Family Sabbatical Handbook: The Budget Guide To Living Abroad With Your Family - Elisa Bernick (2007)
ISBN 9781887140690
Publisher The Intrepid Traveler
Publication Date 4/25/2007
Format Paperback (213 x 140 mm)
Plot / Summary
What's it like living in another country? People have been fascinated by the topic for millennia, accounting for best sellers from Herodotus to Mayle and Mayes. While many readers are satisfied with a vicarious experience, a growing number want to live it for themselves. Elisa Bernick offers readers the book she wished she'd had when she and her husband and children were planning their 18-month family sabbatical.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 23796
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Cover Price $15.95
Nr of Pages 314
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