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Family Therapy: Concepts And Methods (7th Edition) - Michael P Nichols, Richard C Schwartz (2005)
ISBN 9780205478095
Publisher Allyn & Bacon
Publication Date 10/28/2005
Format Hardcover (234 x 188 mm)
Plot / Summary
This edition emphasizes contemporary approaches such as narrative and solution-focused therapies, and highlights such issues as poverty, social class, ethnicity, and spirituality. There is more emphasis on clinical practice, with clinical examples added throughout the book. There are new chapters on Integrative Models (Chapter 13) and on Research in Family Therapy (Chapter 15). The new chapter on Integrative Models includes information on working with family violence and conducting community family therapy. For anyone interested in family therapy.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 27807
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Cover Price $102.80
Nr of Pages 528
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