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Fantastic Folders And Exceptional Envelopes: A Designer's Guide To Custom Carriers That Open Conversations And Seal Deals - Patricia Belyea, Jenny Sullivan (2005)
ISBN 9781592531752
Publisher Rockport Publishers
Publication Date 9/1/2005
Format Paperback (274 x 231 mm)
Plot / Summary
Every graphic designer works diligently to make his or her creative impressions exceptional and long lasting. Achieving this goal can make first impressions extremely important. Every aspect of a piece must be thoughtful and well laid out to communicate the pertinent information and, most importantly, draw attention. Whether working on a full-blown media kit or a custom envelope, the packaging is what sets the tone of a project and provides the intended audience a perspective with which to view the materials.

Through inspired designs, Fantastic Folders and Exceptional Envelopes relays the secrets behind each of the wonderful examples presented and covers all the technical details that can make or break a job, including ideas for unique closures and flap styles, not to mention glue and paper choices. This book provides all the vital information needed to create the perfect folder or envelope that is innovative, eye catching, and functional.

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2Frog Index 28287
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Cover Price $30.00
Nr of Pages 160
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