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Faeries' Landing Volume 16 (Faeries' Landing) - You Hyun (2007)
ISBN 9781598168846
Publisher TokyoPop
Publication Date 6/13/2007
Format Paperback (188 x 126 mm)
Plot / Summary
Fanta and Ryang continue on with their plan to resolve the evil affinity within Jinyeong. As soon as Fanta discovers that Jinyeong's old friend, Sangcheol, has feelings for Jinyeong, she comes up with a clever plan to get them together. Situation resolved! Or, is it?! It seems that Fanta is too focused on Jinyeong's relationship to see what is happening to her life."Very nice artwork, loveable characters, and lots of humor to boot..." -animenewsnetwork.com
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 32679
Other Resources Purchase Information
Cover Price $9.99
Nr of Pages 224
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