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Family Dog - Richard A. Wolters (1999)
ISBN 9780525944720
Publisher Dutton Adult
Publication Date 2/1/1999
Format Hardcover (231 x 163 mm)
Plot / Summary
Widely recognized as one of the great dog trainers of his time, Richard Wolters's tested techniques continue to endure. Family Dog was the first book written for any member of the family, from age six to sixty, who wants to train a dog fast. By following the book's simple instructions, anyone can have a well-trained dog in just sixteen weeks. In Family Dog Wolters teaches: * How to choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle
* The benefits of play and relaxation
* Talking with your dog-- it's not what you say, but how you say it
* All the fundamentals of training-- house-breaking, basic commands, and tricks
* Tips on grooming
* The best dog diet in the world
* First-aid and medical advice, and much more

More than 200 all-new pictures in chronological, step-by-step sequence illustrate exactly what to do with your pet in a way that takes the frustration out of training and works for all breeds and any age.

Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 3401
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Cover Price $27.95
Nr of Pages 160
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