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Fake Id (Hunted) - Walter Sorrells (2007)
ISBN 9780142407622
Publisher Puffin
Publication Date 4/5/2007
Format Paperback (178 x 122 mm)
Plot / Summary
Sixteen-year-old Chastity and her mother have been on the run since Chass was a baby, assuming new identities in every town. She doesn?t know why they are running, who her father is, or even her real name. But then on the night of Chass?s sixteenth birthday, her mother disappears. The cops find her abandoned car, blood matching her DNA, and a purse containing six ID cards. Chass can?t believe her mother is dead; she knows that her mom just had to go on the run again, this time to protect Chass. Chastity has only six days to find her mother before she?s put into foster care?but someone else is looking for Chass. Someone deadly.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 39720
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Cover Price $6.99
Nr of Pages 336
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