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The Fall Of Toulon: The Last Opportunity To Defeat The French Revolution (Cassell Military Paperbacks) - Bernard Ireland (2007)
ISBN 9780304367269
Publisher Cassell
Publication Date 5/1/2007
Format Paperback (196 x 130 mm)
Plot / Summary
Bernard Ireland’s popular and accessible account of the fall of Toulon brings to life a savage episode in European history. In the summer of 1793, French Royalists surrendered the great naval base at Toulon to the British, intending this to be the springboard for a full-scale counter-revolution. The story of Royalist dashed hopes, and the securing of the Revolution, is one of treason mixed with heroism, along with the rise of a young opportunist named Napoleon Bonaparte.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 42586
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Cover Price $12.95
Nr of Pages 320
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