10 awesome snowboarding wipeout videos

February 11th, 2010

Anyone who has taken up snowboarding has fallen more times than they can remember. But even experienced snowboarders lose control on the slopes. Other boarders fall on their faces while trying to hot dog. Either way, this makes for a lot of boarding wipeouts.

This snowboarder is obviously a pro. Tackling this mountain takes a lot of skill. But skill only takes you so far when you catch more air than you bargained for.

The ski slopes used to belong only to skiers. Now, snowboarders are notorious with some skiers. This video is a good example of how they got their bad reputation.

This snowboarder was off to a good start, but it’s not the jump that hurts. What hurts is the horrible landing. Waving his arms like a bird didn’t help much.

You could tell this guy knew he was in trouble as soon as his board left the snow. I wonder how many times he rolled down that hill. He covered more ground after hitting the snow than he did on the way to the ramp.

Proper planning can avoid a lot of wipeouts. It’s important to know what you’re doing before you attempt a snowboard jump. Here’s a basic rule of the snowboard jump: don’t land on your back.

I’m sure this guy’s motivation on this stunt was to impress his friends. His attempt on the rail is impressive, but not for the reasons he intended. He didn’t even have any soft snow to land in.

The quest to impress continues. This guy was even more ambitious on the rail. Unfortunately, that translated to even greater injury.

You can tell this snowboarder is a professional. After a crash like that, not just anyone would get right back up again. He probably knows the right want to crash-land from experience.

This boarder almost pulled of a double backflip. The landing is always the hardest part. Especially when you hit as hard as he did.

Here is a wipeout from the snowboarder’s point of view, courtesy of a helmet mounted camera.

If all of these videos are getting you pumped up to do some wipeouts of your own, at least wipe out the proper way. This video teaches you how to fall safely when snowboarding. No one lands their snowboard jumps every time, so you might as well be prepared.

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