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Comic Book Reviews: Detective Comics, Solomon Grundy, Wolverine

January 9th, 2009

Detective Comics #852 : Part of the Batman: Last Rites storyline. Thom Elliot goes from a scene in  “It’s A Wonderful Life” to a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-style adventure as Bruce Wayne. This issue is a fun read, and it’s actually the first Hush-related story that I’ve enjoyed since the original Hush storyline.  Recommended.

Solomon Grundy (Faces of Evil tie-in) #1: Pretty decent read, but I was bothered by the “Hulk Smash!” mentality of Solomon Grundy in certain scenes (you’ll know them when you see them).  I don’t really get this whole Faces of Evil thing, but this comic was decent. Mild Recommendation.

Wolverine: Switchback One-Shot: 2 Wolverine stories are featured. I know we get a new Wolvie one-shot every other week or so… which makes it hard for any of them to stand out. This one was no different. An enjoyable read, if you like the darker, killer side of Wolverine. Nothing special by any means, though.

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