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Action Comics #4  Superman, Football Star
Front Cover Comic Details
Series Action Comics
Issue 4
Publication Date September 1938
Publisher DC Comics
Language English
Format Comic
Age Golden
Color Color
Country USA
Cover Price $0.10
Genre Adventure, Super-Heroes, Action
Writer Jerry Siegel
Artist Joe Shuster
Cover Artist Leo O'Mealia
Editor Vincent Sullivan
Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent)
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Stowing away in a quiet cabin after trying to save a man in a stalled car from an oncoming train, Superman overhears a plot to fix a football game. Not being the type of person to let such a thing continue, Superman kidnaps a player and takes his place, single-handedly taking the team to a win in the guise of a suddenly improved bench warmer. Fearing exposure, the coach trying to fix the game quickly resigns, while the players who try to muscle through the game and soundly trounced. The real Tommy Burke resumes his identity after Superman makes him a star, and "gives in" when his girlfriend asks him to give up football for safety reasons.
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